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A 3rd generation RGS for the iGaming industry.

Fireball™ is the world's most high performant and feature rich Remote Games Server built upon two decades of experience. Its concept of "app store for igaming" allows for game studios to easily deploy and maintain games logic and for operators to seamlessly create new integrations.

The pricing model for game studios is "pay per ressource usage" without any fees on GGR.





Open Architecture

Fireball is built with microservices and utilizing the well-established concept of reactive event-driven programming throughout its core which allows for a highly loosely coupled architecture with a second-to-none performance nomatter the player volume or amount of casino integrations added to it.

Encapsulated logic communicates on global pub/sub channels via asynchronous messages from game clients to core to operator integrations and easily autoscales to millions of messages per second.

The architecture is entirely based on fully managed and autoscalable "serverless" services.


Supported Game Types

The powerful architecture really enables any type of game imaginable, including high responsive duplex live streaming, real-time eSport and massive multiplayer games.

Currently the most well-documented usage of Fireball is slot machines, single player games, where bets are placed against the house, multiplayer games, where players are matched against each other, classic table games and bingo-style games.


High Transparency

The fundamental architecture allows for a deep transparent environment, where both suppliers and consumers of game content are allowed access to massive amounts of data constantly flowing in real-time. This can be utilized by deep learning AI algorithms dynamically improving the user experience and optimizing critical business decisions, such as marketing efforts etc.

Game suppliers can use it to enrich the overall game experience with constantly setting new goals and objectives for the players, featuring in-game achievements, daily high score battles, hosting small prize tournaments etc.


Flexible Hosting Options

Fireball is hosted with the world's #1 cloud hosting provider and has been proudly selected as a high-growth client and therefor enjoying special access to their Cloud Engineers helping optimizing the solution as well as prioritizing special needs when they arise.

For gaming markets where dedicated and local hosting is required such an installation can be done in a few months time.



Guaranteed 99.999% uptime across all platform services.

No scheduled maintanance. All core updates can be gradually released in production with zero downtime.


Second to none Performance

Fireball platform is built and stress tested to receive and respond to millions of messages per second and having tens of millions of simultaneous players globally.

Its core architecture and design prevents poorly crafted software, created and deployed by studios and/or operators, to decrease performance in any way. Games and integrations are performinwise entirely isolated from oneanother preventing the problematic "noisy neightbor syndrome".


Game Deployments

Fireball supports a highly continuous deployment paradigm. Changes to server-side game code logic are automatically and instantly detected via webhooks. When a game studio pushes a code change to a connected game repository the push is automatically detected, the code fetched, examined for compliance, routed to the correct runtime, compiled if needed be, then deployed and available within seconds.

Three environments are supported by Fireball, development, staging and production. The game developer has no need for running server-side games logic locally due to the qucik and automated deployment process.

Fireball is greatly inspired by Heroku's app deployment functionality.


Unity 3D

Unity has quickly become on of the dominating standards within games development globally and Fireball is supporting this particular technology as a first class citizen throughout the game development process.

Fireball is, besides being the most advanced games server for casino content technology, one of the only ones with strong focus on supporting Unity 3D natively.


Powerful SDKs

Get a jump start by easily integrating SDKs available in several programming languages for both server and client side games logic.


Supported Programming Languages

Any game client framework and technology is supported as long as HTTPs requests or WebSocket or WebTransport or TCP/IP is supported.

The server-side game function can be implemented and deployed using any of the Fireball natively supported languages:

Javascript, TypeScript, Java, Php, Phyton, #C, Ruby or Go.

Other languages and runtimes can be supported, potentially with slight limitations, through the use of Docker containers.


Administration App

The powerful administration app gives operators and studios access to everything they need to successfully manage their operation. Setting up an organization with users, roles and permissions is easy with predefined roles for both operators and studios available. The app is supporting:

  • Customizable Dashboard (on the user level)
  • Operators can manage, monitor and hot deploy integrations
  • Studios can manage, monitor and hot deploy games
  • Games store
  • Tracking of game sessions and transactions with Replay of bets features
  • Games testing (RTP, stress, chaos etc.)
  • Game promotions (free spins, free games, tournaments)
  • Jackpot configuration
  • Player management
  • Game translation management (optional)
  • Solid reporting with scheduling (GGR, cost, activity etc.)

Marketing Tools

Powerful configuration of game jackpots supporting start amount, automatic savings towards future start amounts, any currency, shared or non shared and Fireball will be responsible for their releases. Operators can make confuguration overwrites to any jackpot.

Free spins and free games, manually or scheduled with many filtering options.

Game achievements and scheduled tournaments.

Build your own player engangement features by subscribing to core Game Insights and build beynd what is provided by Fireball.

Run a multitude of different predefined reports.


Game Insights

For casinos to further build on top of Fireball hosted games, insights into the games can be subscribed to and allowing casinos to extend with their unique features fueled by game insights such as when a player gets three cherries etc. or really anything imaginable within a game. The game insights will be fed through the operator integration and pushed in real-time.

Many of the core Fireball features such as achievements and tournaments are making intense use of the game insight concept.


Integrating with Ease

Just as game studios will connect Fireball with their game repositories, so will operators connect to their integration repositories.

Fireball will automatically pull the integration code and hot deploy it, much like Heroku. Integrations can be run in the three environments development, staging and production, securing a continuous integration process. Operator integrations are 100% isolated from one another and will auto-scale infinitely with performance requirements. Integrations can be written in any of the following frameworks: Node/JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Go, Java, Ruby, .Net/C#, Php.

Fireball offers easy testing, logging, monitoring and incident handling and notifications for integrations in production.


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